Brands, Brands, Brands!

Hello my lovelies! As always I hope that you are well.

Lately I have noticed some things about people nowadays, in particularly, the young people who live in my house. This is also something that Morgan and I have discussed before and I am just at that point where I must now give you my opinion. This “thing” is the obsession with brands and brand names. Now before I have someone comment saying “everything has a brand,” I already know that. I’m talking about major brands. Before I go on, I want to say that I love all of these brands, I do not love the price tag that comes with some of their products though (this means you should save your money and then buy one or two items that you had been wanting), my point is more toward the obsession that one must have every article of clothing be name brand and expensive when it is unnecessary.

So many people are absolutely obsessed with having every article of clothing they own be a certain brand or certain few brands. And what’s more, brand names literally equal more money. The more fashionable a clothing line is the higher the price when the quality may be that of a clothing line with a much more affordable price tag.

Now, as you have guessed this is kind of a rant, but, I’m also really tired of my sisters (yep, my sisters) getting upset when they aren’t bought four pairs of jeans apiece for school at $100 a pair, or when one sister demanded that my parents take her to a store an hour away so that she could have $120 shoes for work (let’s point out that she already had shoes, but they weren’t brand name) the morning before her first shift, or even when she told me that it was more important for her to wear my sweatshirt (that was a gift when I graduated high school) because she received compliments from “popular kids.” WHAT?

Why are people so shallow? Want to know something? In the last five years I have worn actual jeans so few times that I can count it on my hands. I worked almost everyday after school throughout high school, so, it was easier to wear my work pants (which are just black yoga pants) to school, and, it was really comfortable and being as tired as I was, worked out really well. High school is a time that you should spend studying and readying for the next step in your life (college), not trying to “out-dress” everyone and break the bank.

Most of the time it’s parents who have to pay for these clothes and gadgets (yes, it’s not just clothing, it is also technology) and most families are probably like mine, we don’t have the money to pay for the house, cars, insurance, household utilities, cell phones, groceries, AND buy THREE kids new top brand clothing all year long. Most families make it by with a little spending money left over to make life a little more fun, but not many can add in expensive clothing and still have fun without racking up a credit card bill that, yet again, has to be paid.

Now, why? Why do many young people feel the need to have the most expensive everything, when the quality is rarely any different than many of the brands that are not so expensive. In my lifetime I have worn many different brands (many were hand me downs from older cousins that they had worn once or twice and didn’t want anymore, but I had my own as well) so when I say that quality is not a big issue I mean it. The only clothing items that I am convinced there is a quality difference in are shoes and bras, but, I have had an expensive shirt that has been poor quality and a cheaper shirt that is still being worn years after it’s purchase.

Listen, I’m not your mother and I’m not your financial advisor, but, at some point you have to know that no one really cares about the price of your clothes or if they were the top brand. If we all chose our friends in this manner would we have the same friends? To top that, would the quality of those friendships be the same? Shallowness is overrated. You wouldn’t pick your friends because of the size of their bank account so why are people convinced the price tag is the way to pick our clothes?




P.S. I love you all and I don’t want to sound mean or angry, I just think that maybe it’s time that we all think about how much we spend on our wardrobe and if it’s really worth it.


Dear Morgan #11

Dear Morgan,

We have made it to week 5 of our first term of Junior year of college! Wow! I miss you bunches and bunches and cannot wait until you come home so that we can have some serious Chummy time!

As per normal, not much is happening around here. I hit my hand on the make line at work and now have less skin on my thumb and can barely move it (lucky me, I cut my finger right at the joint). What else has happened…hmmm. Oh, I think I told you that we were hiring some new people at work, they are doing fine.

School is the same, loads of work and as soon as one assignment is finished its time to start the next. No one ever said this was going to be easy, however, I’m getting real tired of being stressed out all the time. It’s got me completely frazzled!

Well, I don’t think anything else has happened, it’s been pretty quiet around here! I should let you go because you probably have homework or something that needs to be done!



OH! Before I forget, thank you once again for the amazing birthday present! It’s too bad that we couldn’t be together for my actual birthday, so, I guess I’ll just have to wait to give you a big hug until you come home for Winter Break.

Dear Morgan #10

Dear Morgan,

I am still trying to adjust to this new schedule. It’s crazy being enrolled in two colleges at once and I can’t wait until I finish. I kind of have a way to fit everything in, but, it still makes me crazy in the head.

We hired a new girl at work. Unfortunately that means we have to share hours even more, and, this happens to be a girl who tried to coax my sister into a fight at a football game a couple weeks ago. We also hired a new driver, well, he has to do the drug test and driving record check, but he sounds like a nice guy. Oh, and the other day one of the boys was finally taught to roll dough, so less time in the dough room for me.

Not much has happened since we last talked and you probably have work to do so I will let you go.




Hello everyone! I think at one point I had told you I would include my Twitter in an upcoming post but the post I had planned to add it to is still in the works so here it is because I know it’s been a while.


Sorry, it’s been a while, I’ve been busy and unorganized but I said I would include this for you.

Have a great rest of your day!



Dear Morgan #9

Dear Morgan,

You have been gone since Monday and I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I know that everything will be fine just as it was last year but so much is changing and I find that it is a lot to keep up with. I have worked all week and tonight I will work a Friday night with two parties, the volleyball team and their fans, and Jerry. Wish me luck!

Not much has been going on around here, I have heard from my professors and have been studying for my English/ Grammar class – the one with three textbooks – and trying to figure out why I cannot access all of my classes through their respective online portals or whatever they are called. I also didn’t need a $30 book that was on the original list we were given and I don’t think you can resell ebooks.

Funny story for you though. What happens when you drop the box of dryer sheets down the side of the washing machine against the wall? Well, when this happens you have to try to get them back somehow and so I decided that I could reach with two spatulas and pick the box up. Um, nope. Then I decided that I would use the barbecue tool that has the hook at the end of it. No, not quite long enough. Finally, it’s time to destroy a wire clothes hanger (I hope it wasn’t one from Dad’s work shirts, I just found it laying around the house), but, first look at the tool you will be using to cut the wire (because needlenose pliers don’t cut) so you don’t look like a fool like I did. Anyway I got the dryer sheets, trashed a hanger and felt like a weirdo. Kind of a silly story but hopefully you got a laugh out of it.

I guess I will talk to you later, so you have a good rest of your day!



Just A Little Update

Hello everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my lack of posting. I have been working on a big post for you all but I have recently had some school things to take care of and now my entire town is getting ready for a week long event and being a key person at work, I’m needed quite a bit. I promise there is more coming, I just have to find some time to get it all finished!

Thanks for your patience!




Hello my lovelies! As always I hope you are well.

Today I got back from the first vacation my family has taken in 7 years. It may not seem like much but a trip to the beach was just enough vacation to recharge and refuel. If you didn’t know, I live in eastern Oregon (which is mainly known as farm country and if this is how you know it then you are absolutely right) so taking a trip to the beach is a vacation. Since this was our first family vacation in a while I thought I would share it with you (last summer when I went to the coast it was with my grandfather, Morgan, and our new Italian and Finnish friends).

We left Friday morning, leaving our dog (Jessie) in the care of my amazing best friend Morgan (who you may know from Teenage Enthusiasm) and set out on a 6 hour drive to a coastal town called Seaside. On the way we saw Mt. Hood (looking gorgeous as always), Multnomah Falls, and stopped at my favorite restaurant along the Columbia River (Char Burger in Cascade Locks) with a brilliant view of the river below.


This is the view from my hotel in Seaside

This is the view from my hotel in Seaside

In Seaside we stayed at a place right on the beach so of course the first thing we did was walk down to the ocean. To be honest, I only wanted to get my feet wet (I wasn’t in proper beach attire, we’d just gotten out of the car) but after being coaxed into the water by my sister we both ended up soaked from head to toe. Unfortunately, when we got back to the hotel I wan’t feeling too well and after dinner spent a few hours sleeping (when I woke up I felt great and I was fine the rest of the trip though so no worries).

Saturday was our day for really exploring the coast. One of my sisters was looking for seashells to bring to a friend and my other sister, my parents and I just wanted to run around on the coast. So, after breakfast we drove to Manzanita (fun fact: Manzanita beach has been in many movies) and then on to Tillamook  (where we toured the cheese factory) and on the way back to the hotel we stopped for lunch at my favorite restaurant in Garibaldi (Fisherman’s Korner). After a delicious lunch our next stop was a store in Rockaway, where one of my sisters bought a sweatshirt and then we ventured on to Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach is actually between Seaside and Manzanita, but we wanted to stop in Manzanita in the morning) which was fairly crowded but absolutely beautiful and Haystack Rock was an incredible sight up close. Back in Seaside we went to the Seaside Aquarium which is the oldest aquarium on the west coast (while here I was once again soaked, we fed the seals and they like to splash) and walked a couple blocks looking at shops. I am not really a fan of sweatshirts with names of places on them (I think it makes me feel touristy) but the wind picked up and I was in a t-shirt and shorts so I am now the owner of an “Oregon Coast Seaside” sweatshirt.

Sunday we packed up and came home, but not before stopping in Portland to visit the Oregon Zoo! I love zoos and aquariums and I know I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not been so tired and ready to come home. The ride was long and not very exciting, however we did see a few deer and mountain goats.

I know you are probably bored and at this point maybe wondering why you read this blog but thanks for sticking it out, this was a big deal for my family and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. We all need time to get away and breathe different air and relax, that  is not something that we do very often and I hope that it can change and I encourage all of you to get away every once in a while, even if it’s just for the day. Don’t take life so seriously or you’ll miss out on all the fun it can be, get away, take a break, and have a good time.

Take Care,


Let’s Talk Anxiety (And Not Get Anxious About It)

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are well. I know I just gave you a new post but today I received an email notifying me that my best friend in the whole world had posted on her blog. This is the article I found when I opened the email.
Please remember, it is important to make sure that you know what is going on with your body, you only get one so it is important to take care of it the best you can. We can’t pick and choose when we get sick, when we get hurt, and especially when we have anxiety. I know that I have had bouts with anxiety and trust me it isn’t fun and it certainly doesn’t knock on the door and wait to be welcomed. Please take this seriously, this isn’t something to take lightly and I hope that if any of you feel that you may have anxiety you look into it or talk with a doctor.
Take Care,

Tossin’ It Out

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are well as always.

About once or twice or sometimes even three times a year, I decide that there is too much “stuff” in my room. So, once, twice, or even three times a year I completely go through everything in my room and trash half of it. I tend to be someone who keeps things for a while and then throws everything away. About a week or so ago I cleaned in preparation for a party, so here’s some things that have been brought about by this most recent episode.

1. I don’t really need most of these things. In fact everything that I had thrown away was completely unnecessary to my survival. I didn’t need to have twelve tubes of mascara (some of which were dried out or empty), I didn’t need to have receipts from shopping trips and grocery stores (and at least three from Starbucks).

2. I don’t really want most of these things. I like to try out new products so that I can tell you about them, well, what I think about them. But, I honestly don’t want to have a whole bunch of things in my tiny room (when I say tiny I mean TINY). I love to buy new things, I like clothing, I like makeup, I like hair products and all sorts of things, however, I don’t like to keep them for very long even though I do.

3. Each cleaning episode is like a new start. Like a brand new day. I love walking into my room after a serious deep clean and it feels like a new room. I mean who doesn’t want to have a nice clean room to relax in. It’s so nice to not walk over shoes (I now have a shoe rack on the back side of my closet door to keep all of my shoes off of the floor so that the shoe problem is taken care of ) or sweatshirts, or whatever my dog knocked over.

4. I don’t have much use for most of what I find. Often times I find old papers from school and letters that friends and I wrote to each other in middle school and I have no use for them. I have no use for clothing that doesn’t fit, socks with holes, torn up shoes, homework from sophomore year in high school, and such.

With the dawning of these four ideas one would assume that I would keep clutter down and maintain a very orderly living space. This is the case for about two weeks and then things gradually start to pile up again. So do I plan to change this trend? Yes, and here’s how.

1. I’m going to stop buying so much. This will not only limit the amount of things that I bring in to my room but also increase the amount of money in my bank account between paychecks because I won’t be paying for so much stuff that I don’t really need.

2. I will put away the decorations from the surprise party that I threw two Saturdays ago that are currently blocking my closet door and I am avoiding putting things away because I don’t want to move the bags of decorations (they’re kind of full and I don’t want to dump them on the floor).

3. I will return to my sisters the things that they leave in my room. Honestly, my sisters come into my room and leave things all of the time. I always find things that they’ve just left on the floor (shoes, waterbottles, socks, etc.).

4. I will get rid of things that I outgrow, empty, don’t need or plain flat out no longer want.

Keep in mind that I am not saying to throw out all of your belongings, I just think that every now and then we have to cleanse our lives by removing things that take up space and don’t do anything good for us. It’s like a detox for your life. So try it, take some time to do a deep clean and really decide if something is so important to you that you need to keep it.

Take Care,


P.S. I actually had 14 mascaras (I had a couple repeats), I now have 4, so if I can do this so can you!

Thankful For Real

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are well!

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I am truly grateful for in my life and what I take for granted each and every day. I don’t know what sparked this, maybe it was my best friend coming home from college for a weekend but regardless I know there are things I have left unsaid to some people. Some of this may sound like apologies, some of it may sound sappy or petty but I think it’s important to say what’s been on my mind.

Señora. I spent two years in your Spanish classes, and you were so excited to see me in your class list when I had taken a year off from foreign language. I was so glad to be back in your class and you are such an inspiration, battling cancer and still coming to class everyday with a smile and giving us your 100% percent. I would like to apologize for the time that the entire class left because your sub didn’t show up, when I fully well knew better. Although I was only responsible for me, I felt like as one of the five seniors I should have acted in a more mature fashion. I’m sorry. You will always be an inspiration to me, thank you for always being a dedicated teacher.

Miss A. AP Language and Composition was a hard class. I struggled every single day. Honestly, I never really read any of the assigned books. I did read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (which was fantastic) and Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom (which has so far been the only book to make me cry, but, was absolutely amazing). I learned a lot in your class and you didn’t let me or anyone else get away with anything and now I would like to apologize for being a pain in the neck. Now that I am out of your class, I realize it was a good class (regardless of my 17 year old self’s attitude).

My friends. You all know that I will always be that off beat redneck girl. Thanks for always putting up with it. There are a lot of things that I wouldn’t be able to do without you. I don’t even know where to begin. You all are so encouraging and helpful and I am so lucky to call you my friends.

My family. We are crazy, we are insane and we don’t always see eye to eye but, we are a family through and through. I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are amazing and I love you guys bunches.

Now here’s where it may be getting petty or ridiculous at times.

I love my iPhone. I may pay around $100 a month to keep it in use but I love having a device that connects me to other people and the world around me.

I’m thankful for my job. So many people don’t have a job and I am one of the lucky ones who does and I am so glad that I can earn a pay check and help out and buy the things that I need and want.

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me stay at home while I’m in college. This has saved me so much money and I am so very grateful. There are a lot of college students who have to pay rent and find roommates and I can stay at my house in my room.

Thank you Mom and Dad for always having jobs. Thank you for always finding the means to take care of me and the girls and putting the three of us before anything else.

I’m thankful for growing up in a country where I can go to school and get and education regardless of my gender.

I’m thankful for a lot of things and you probably don’t want to have to read as I ramble on. But, think about it, what are you thankful for? It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to remember that we are thankful or grateful for things.

You all have a good evening, I’m going to go spend some time with my family.